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Jay Patel - Liquivida Wellness Center South Rim

44 New Patient Appts In 4 Weeks. Still Crushing It 6 Months Later.

Publish Date: Oct 16, 2023

Market: San Antonio, TX

Before: Worked with 3 other agencies who all promised the world but didnโ€™t deliver. Campaigns took too long to launch. Agency took too long to make campaign changes and respond. Campaign produces a low volume of low quality leads.

After: 44 new patient appointments booked within 4 weeks of launching ads. 10X return on ad spend. Staff save 2-3 hours daily with AI follow-up and LOVE the system. Staff following our consultation framework and closing bigger packages. Entire clinic is buzzing and excited they have a marketing system that works.

March 2024 Update. Still Crushing It 6 Months Later.

Jay Patel

Nathan Strom - Refined Image Ottawa

Instant $15K/month Increase In New Patient Revenue

Publish Date: Oct 10, 2023

Market: Ottawa, Ontario

Before: Worked with numerous agencies who all failed to deliver on promises. Previous agencies had confusing & complicated systems that staff disliked using. Wanted to find a marketing company that could help create a $10-15K increase in monthly revenue.

After: Instant $15K added to new patient monthly revenue. Booking 1-5 new patient consults per day. $30K in new patient sales closed from our campaigns within 8 weeks. Staff love the system and simplicity of use. Both owner and staff pleasantly surprised that they finally found a system that works.

John Santarpia - Clique Med Spa

$41K In New Patient Sales With AI Marketing

Publish Date: Oct 2, 2023

Market: Medulla, Florida

Before: Tired of done-for-you agencies who charge expensive monthly retainers. Wanted a more cost-effective way to generate leads and book appointments.

After: Very happy with system. Consistently booking patients everyday and saving hours per week with lead followup due to AI. Using text-to-pay links to collect deposits to drastically-reduce no-shows.

Jennifer Shulstad - Satin Med Spa

5 New Consults Per Day (On Vacation)

Publish Date: Sept 16, 2023

Market: Charlotte, North Carolina

Before: Trying for years to consolidate scattered marketing systems with little success. Poor experience with countless marketing companies who underdelivered after promising the world.

After: Totally blown away by the Forever Booked system. Lead generation, follow-up, and sales systems finally consolidated and humming along in the background. After 12 years, finally feels like she has found a long-term marketing partner to help her grow. Booking 4-6 consults per day while she is on vacation. Restored excitement and enthusiasm for her business.

Jessica Flores - Coral Springs Med Spa

Finally Success (After 7 Agencies)

Publish Date: March 15, 2024

Market: Coral Springs, FL

Before: Worked with seven agencies and was frustrated with every one of them. Was tired of generic, outdated campaigns that didnโ€™t match her brand. Looking for a company that could help her break through the cycle of hiring and firing agencies.

After: 20 semaglutide leads within the first day of launching. Saving hours per day with AI follow-up system. Loves the team at Forever Booked and has the control to launch her own campaigns while also having the guidance to know exactly what to do next.

Leisha Armstrong - 406 Wellness & Beauty in Kalispell Montana

4 New Clients Per Day With $25/Day Ad Spend (Thanks To AI)

Publish Date: July 13, 2023

Market: Kalispell, Montana

Before: No solid marketing system. Posting on social media with little results. Just terminated her contract with another marketing company due to poor customer service and lack of results.

After: Within 2 weeks of signing, booking 4-5 appts per day with only $25/day of ad spend. Saving hours per week thanks to AI lead nurturing. Setting up custom automations in our software to save even more time and increase clinic efficiency.

Colette Waddel - Bozy Aesthetics

Fully Booked, $0 Spent On Ads

Publish Date: Feb 29, 2024

Market: Calgary, Alberta

Before: Word-of-mouth referrals not keeping her booked. Overwhelmed by the myriad marketing options available.  Previously worked with a local company but didn't see ROI. Tired of spending so much time on social media.

After: Amazed by the overwhelming response of the Booster Shot sms campaign. Calendar filled within hours. Results relieved the burden of constant social media presence, a task that previously consumed around three hours daily. Able to reduce her reliance on platforImagems like Instagram and Facebook, diversifying her marketing efforts for long-term sustainability.

Cleve & Tina Sholl - From $80K/m To $127,493/m In 8 Weeks. Business Doubled A Year Later.

Publish Date: Nov 29, 2022

Market: Wichita, Kansas

Before: Stuck at $80k/m for months on end despite numerous efforts to increase appt and deal flow.

After: Record-breaking $127,493 month within just 8 weeks of signing up. Business doubled a year later and still a client as of March 2024.

March 2024 Update (after being a client for 2 years)

Dr. Mariette Steyn - $80K In 4 Weeks (On Vacation As Well ๐Ÿน)

Market: Brockville, Ontario

Before: Stagnant client acquisition with limited new clients coming in through a gift card offer on website. Lack of package sales, especially with staff who weren't fully trained on how to sell packages.

After: Sold $30K in packages in 2 weeks while on vacation in Mexico. (We trained her staff how to sell packages.) $80K increase in monthly sales within a month of signing. 75% increase from year before.

Dr. Deb Matthew - $34,160 In Morpheus 8 Packages In 18 Days

Market: Charlotte, North Carolina

Before: No predicatable way to generate sales or bring in new patients for new Morpheus 8 machine & other high-ticket aesthetic procedures.

After: Instant results from Booster Shot campaign paid for months worth of marketing. Steady flow of new clients from social media, even a year later.

... & Continued Results 1 Year Later

Michelle Bauer - Monthly Revenue Increased By 30% Within 5 Months

Market: Corpus Christi, Texas

Before: A lot of established clients but no way to bring in new patients on a consistent basis. Also a lot of open areas for booking that needed to get filled.

After: Booked out 45 days with new patients and top line revenue increased by 30% within a 7-figure med spa.

Phil Schafer - $60K/m โžก๏ธ $103K/m in 6 months.

Market: Phoenix, Arizona

Before: Wanting to grow faster and increasing pressure to get nurses booked. No predictable way to bring in new consultations on demand.

After: Increased his monthly revenue from $60K/m to $103K/m within 6 months. Levelled up his entire team and built a sales machine inside his clinic using our guidance and training.

Kevin & Fides - New Country. New City. $74,627 In New Patient Revenue In Under 4 Months.

Market: Toronto, Ontario

Before: Brand new to Canada from the Philipines with no capital or connections. Small one room clinic with just a few procedures.

After: $74,627 in new patient revenue in under 4 months. Expanded into a new 5 room clinic just 8 months later.

9 months later, Kevin & Fides expanded into a new 5-room location and sent us this email...

Tiffany Smith - $0 -> $30K in 8 Weeks.

Market: Orlando, Florida

Before: Worked inside another medspa with whom she had to share her profits with. Started her brand new business shortly with us. Initially had only 15 clients of her own, lack of package sales, and all by herself.

After: Started selling $3,000 packages in just a few weeks after training her on our in clinic sales processes. Started from almost 0 with a $30K increase in her first few months.

Kim Gloger & Kay Mccunis - Over $100K in Sales Closed w/ Forever Booked

Market: Houston, TX

Before: Worked with countless marketing agencies with little to no success. Struggling to keep rooms fully booked.

After: Consistently booked with new clients for injectables. Over $100K closed from our campaigns.

Dr. Peter Ursel - Kawartha Skin Care

Lindsay, ON

One Year Later..

... We ran a Booster Shot and this happened ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฐ

Firoza Patel - Spa Lumina

Barrie, ON

One Year Later...

We ran a Booster Shot campaign to help with Spa Lumina with Christmas card sales and this was the result: ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Dr. Lin - Glow Laser & Beauty Center

Erie, PA

Dr. Delaney & Jannette Bailey

- Delaney MD

Seattle, WA


Dr. Mehwish Umair - D-Derm Aesthetics

Toronto, ON

$18,404 Closed In A Slow Summer Month.

Krystal Haney - The Stella Med Spa

Frisco, TX

$12,573 Closed In 3 Weeks.

Stacey Sheely - Polished Spa

Lemoyne, PA

$15,312 Closed In 3 Weeks.

Mark Evans - One Aesthetics

Winter Park, FL

Extra $36,388 Added During The Summer.


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